Stealthy, deadly and resourceful, a Commando
unit is tasked with special assignments that
regular armed services cannot complete.

Comprised of fast-moving elite light infantry,
Commando units are unique in their ability to
assault unconventional, high-value targets.

Expected to go above and beyond the normal call
of duty, a Commando will be highly resourceful,
independent and capable of carrying out the
most dangerous of tasks.

The word ‘Commando’ derives from the Afrikaans
‘Kommando’, which referred to the mounted
infantry regiments that fought against the
British in the first two Boer Wars.

The word was resurrected when, following the
evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940, the British Army
established what would become perhaps the most
legendary Commando units of all on the direct
orders of Winston Churchill.

These men lead daring raids into Nazi occupied
territory, achieving immense and improbable
victories behind enemy lines in Norway, France,
and the Netherlands among others.

Using stealth, secrecy and lethal pinpoint
strikes, the Commandos were able to perform
where the regular Army couldn’t hope to follow.

With each man trained to be a force to be
reckoned with, the Commando units became so
successful that Hitler was forced to move
hundreds of thousands of troops away from the
front lines and back into occupied territory in
an attempt to deal with the highly effective

These units of highly trained specialists are
now found across the globe and almost all major
armed forces utilise Commandos as the best way
to strike quickly and make an enormous impact,
without the need to mobilise huge numbers of

From Europe to the Americas, across Asia and
into Australia, Commandos have become revered
and respected units, their individual strength
and resourcefulness making them unique and
highly valued by the military.



Hallmarks of both The Bamford Watch Department
and the most legendary of all military units,
the Commandos.

BWD’s unceasing dedication to perfection
through engineering and stylistic excellence is
now re-affirmed in this brand new range,
enshrining the most advanced timepiece design
in a unique way.

The Bamford Commando Range harks back to
vintage military design and features a
stunning, never before seen choice of

This world-first design option is made possible
by an entirely new process, known as ‘Graphite
Particle Coating’ (GPC), developed in
specialist laboratories over several years.

Combining all the exquisite beauty of
meticulous Rolex design with the power and
heritage of military-influenced construction,
this new range of watches brings the
unbreakable force of the Commandos to your


Our Graphite Particle Coating, or GPC, has its origins in military technology and gives BWD watches a unique look and feel that is not only beautiful, but increases the durability and resistance of the watch surface enormously.

Using a formula painstakingly developed and tested over many years in a dedicated
laboratory, GPC allows us to create a protective layer around our watches in a variety of colour options that until now have been possible only in dreams.

The result is a stunning, near-diamond level hardness that is scratch resistant and extremely hard wearing, as well as capable of withstanding material depletion, extreme
temperatures and solvents.

The techniques that we use were originally conceived by the military in order to create exceptionally tough equipment that will never fail in even the most testing conditions in the field, perfectly mirroring the spirit of the Commando range.



As a watch enthusiast and businessman,
I love nothing more than seeing
wonderful and varied design concepts that come to us from our clients, and I feel a strong sense of pride from helping people’s dreams come to life.

But bespoke customisation is only a
part of what we do at BWD. As a
designer, I frequently find myself
looking outside of the watch world for inspiration and new concepts to bring to this most special and iconic of items. Boundaries are there to be broken, so I am always looking to bring something new to the table and to create something that people won’t have seen anywhere before. This principle is the cornerstone of our business.


Commandos are trained to be self-sufficient and utilise whatever they can to get the job done; they are adept at improvising and pulling off the unexpected or even the impossible through their creativity and discipline. That ingenuity and independence reflects what we are about at BWD. As a result, the idea of a series of watches inspired by Commandos seemed

like a natural choice. Commando units are
different from the majority of the armed
services: something potent packing serious
impact. They’re something a little rarer, a
little more special. For me, this attribute is
shared with the Rolex Commando, a rare and
stunning timepiece that I have always admired.

I am truly excited to have the chance to add
another page to this proud history with our own
Commando-themed designs based on the Milgauss
and Submariner Non-Date.

To engage with this concept of specialised
military units, we have utilised brand new
research to create three new colours that have
never been seen before, leading us to exciting
new territory and helping us to tread new

Pairing these colours with a vintage military
theme provides a wonderful opportunity to
develop something beautiful, unique and
extremely hard wearing, not to mention a great
chance to get creative with our customised
packaging. I do hope you enjoy the designs
found within these pages and find that special
style to suit you.

Desert is an outstanding addition
to our range, providing an eyecatching
vellum dial with signal
brown accenting. This wraith-like
colour scheme reflects the
secretive nature of the
commando’s work and blends into
the desert, making for a truly
alluring appearance whilst
simultaneously transforming BWD
watches into a force to be
reckoned with. The subtlety of
the colourings belies the
enhanced protective surface of
Graphite Particle Coating which
makes this watch capable of
withstanding anything the desert
can throw at it, and worthy of
any commando.

Framing a luxuriant gold and
brown dial, combat provides an
exceptionally stylish edge to
Rolex’s most popular models.
Reflecting the indomitable spirit
of the commandos. The richness of
this colour scheme gives an
impression of being unafraid to
engage in any situation.
This strength of character is
matched by the strength of our
unique Graphite Particle Coating,
providing a battle-hardened,
scratch resistant finish to
guarantee performance under any
conditions. Ivory accents and
striking hands make this colour
choice a bold, unforgettable

Inspired by traditional camouflage
designs, our Forest colouring drums
up memories of the legendary
commandos of World War II, and is
influenced by the vintage army
colourings of the 1940’s that
adorned the first of the commandos
as they fought to liberate mainland
Europe. Despite originally being
intended to blend in to the
background, this colour scheme
gives our watches a makeover that
cannot be ignored, ensuring that
heads will turn wherever they go.
Grey accents and our high grade
strength Graphite Particle Coating
ensure that all units in the
Commando range are fit for purpose
on any battlefield.

A prime example of classic watch design, the Milgauss first appeared in 1956 and was designed to counteract the powerful magnetic fields that those working in medical facilities, power plants and laboratories were subjected to. The design is capable of withstanding magnetic forces of up to 1,000 gauss and is beautifully adapted to work perfectly in challenging environments that could be problematic to other watches.
Unique to the Milgauss model is a striking lightning bolt second hand; a bold design statement which perfectly reflects the direct nature of commando strikes behind enemy lines. We have fused this idea within our brand new colourings, presenting a red-tipped second hand to represent the intensity of the commandos in a unique conceptual timepiece.


Originally created in 1953, the Submariner is arguably the most iconic watch in the world.Recognised for both the gorgeous simplicity of its design and an extraordinary level of resistance to water and corrosion, the Submariner has not only been utilised in a multitude of expeditions to the Arctic and at sea, but has developed a following in popular
culture having been featured in several James Bond movies among others. The special properties of the Submariner allow for seamless use between land and sea which makes the design perfectly suited to the role of the commandos, something that BWD has taken a step further with our newly-developed Graphite Particle Coating. We are extremely proud to honour the heritage and history of the commandos with our new designs that present us with a watch capable of withstanding almost any environment conceivable.

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