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As the first company to offer fully customised luxury steel sports watches, for more than ten years Bamford Watch Department has grown its industry-leading reputation out of the original vision of founder George Bamford; namely to recapture the lost art of personalised luxury. With a global network of clients, experts and industry professionals, BWD is responsible for some of the most eye-catching, stunning, subtle and revolutionary timepiece designs available today.

Central to the BWD philosophy is the idea that clients come first, not only in terms of customer service but also with regards to conceptualising their unique, individual watch. This focus on achieving the dreams of customers has led to a unique collaborative opportunity with Feld & Volk, one of the world’s foremost hi-end product modifiers and experts in carbon fibre.

Initially collaborating over an individual customer’s design request, resulting experimentation with carbon fibre dials yielded such promising results that an entire collection of watches has been born that fuses together the famously sleek and ultra-tough BWD coatings with never before seen dials crafted from single pieces of polished carbon fibre. The resulting timepieces are truly a work of art and both BWD and Feld & Volk are proud to present this limited edition co-branded watch series.

Bold. Uncompromising. Stunning.

The culmination of an immensely ambitious marriage of stunning aesthetics and hi-tech production methods, the Bamford x Feld & Volk range is a prime example of what becomes possible through dedication and experimentation.

Every design in the range has been painstakingly crafted to the highest possible standards, utilising ultra-precise modification techniques to breathe new life into the legendary Rolex timepieces. Featuring BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC), the watches are not only richly indulgent in their new colour schemes, but are also entirely scratch resistant and capable of withstanding tremendous shocks and pressures. It is this quality that ensures beauty goes hand in hand with practicality in every component, resulting in a watch you can rely on for a lifetime.

A dream brought to life

Highlighting these new masterpieces of intricate watch design are the mesmerising carbon-fibre dials that represent the dream of a client, now made corporeal. Using re-calibrated techniques originally developed for mobile phone production, in a remarkable first the dials are cut on-edge from a single piece of carbon fibre with a diagonal structure, enhancing the unique finish and showing the inherent beauty of the material from a different perspective. Further manual treatment by hand ensures that the thickness is reduced from 1.2mm to 0.46mm and provides the dials with their distinctive polished glow. This original concept leads not only to an undeniably beautiful timepiece, but a watch that is entirely unprecedented and at the forefront of modern design.


Bamford Watch Department

— Founded by George Bamford in 2003, Bamford Watch Department has become the world’s premiere luxury watch customiser and boasts a long list of clients around the globe. Under the mantra ‘if you can imagine it then we can create it,’ BWD has worked tirelessly to develop new techniques and designs to fulfil even the most ambitious concepts, staying ahead of the game by collaborating with experts in materials and manufacturing.

The genesis of the company harks back to a personal experience of George’s, whereby he discovered to his dismay that his beloved Rolex watch was identical to several others being sported around a single dinner table. Determined to discover the means to add a personal touch to the watch, George’s research led to the discovery and adaptation of brand new manufacturing techniques allowing for the creation of the first ever black-coated prototypes. Although created initially for only himself and his father, the watches drew so much attention that several orders were made and thus the BWD was born.

Subsequent years saw the business progress and grow at an immense rate, with cutting edge application methods and materials such as BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) enabling even more advanced and impressive designs to be fashioned, and ensuring that the signature BWD black finish became synonymous with uncompromising style and quality throughout the fashion world.

Today the BWD continues to break down the boundaries of what is possible in the field of luxury customisation, offering a fully bespoke service to clients as well as an enviable range of in-house designs and world-first collaborations with top artists and brands.


Feld & Volk

is the first name in customised luxury mobile devices. Utilising years of experience as well as world-class technological processes and materials, Feld & Volk luxury smartphones embody splendour and individuality, providing a stunning alternative for those who see past the limitations of conventional mobile styles.

Founded in 2008, the company has regularly presented stunning collections to its global clientele, winning over the hearts of new connoisseurs whilst always paying attention to even the smallest details and ensuring that construction is executed to the highest level. As the only company in the world to create ‘personalised mobile luxury,’ Feld & Volk are capable of creating everything from glowing rear-panel logos and distinctive, bold designs to the most exquisite filigree work, remaining unsurpassed in their level of perfectionism.

Now collaborating with the Bamford Watch Department, Feld & Volk continues to expand its range by utilising its unique expertise and methods to help create never before seen watch designs.

Originally created in order to facilitate the needs of laboratory technicians and scientists for a watch resistant to magnetic fields, the Rolex Milgauss has a long and proud history, consistently a favourite among collectors and instantly recognisable as a classic of horology with its unique lightning bolt second hand.

The BWD x Feld & Volk collaboration brings two brand new Milgauss designs to the fore, featuring exceptional detailing, coloured hands and numbering, as well as prime examples of BWD coatings to compliment the beauty of the original new dials.

With two starkly contrasting yet equally mesmerising designs to choose from, the Milgauss has never looked better.

Comprising three individual designs, the Rolex Daytona is made into a true highlight of the BWD x Feld & Volk collection, with each design surely destined to become a real talking point in years to come.

Featuring classic BWD colourings and finishes conceived in order to pay tribute to the exceptional new dials, the classic Daytona visage is re-imagined in twin designs featuring black or white sub-dials, with black or steel baton detailing respectively. These subtle differences provide a world of variation in the overall presentation of the watches, ensuring that both designs are worthy of the discerning connoisseur.

With an exceptionally tasteful Burnt Wood and green colour scheme as well as an astonishing 3D-cut dial made from a single piece of carbon fibre, the third and final Daytona design is a genuine show-stopper and the jewel in the crown of the collection, guaranteed to turn heads at any occasion.

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