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Trippy tribute timepiece to the legendary band created in collaboration with Apple Corps Ltd

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Bamford Watch Department (BWD) is proud to announce the unveiling of its latest exclusive timepiece, the Yellow Submarine. In official collaboration with Apple Corps Ltd, BWD has fused world class watch design with the fantastical 60’s world of the visionary Beatles, resulting in two stunning pieces perfect for any fan of the Fab Four, horology or impactful 60’s styling.

Framed around the legendary Rolex Datejust, these brand new timepieces maintain the incredible craftsmanship and stunning presentation inherent in Rolex design, whilst providing an exceptional and original makeover. There are two options available showcasing unique colour ways on the dial. A custom-crafted date wheel provides a unique splash of colour for every day of the month, utilising the instantly recognisable graphical style from The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’ period and ensuring that the essence of the psychedelic extravaganza is brought to life through the watch. The second hand takes this concept one step further, with a specially built yellow submarine tip to tie the theme together.

Whilst possessing an undeniably playful presentation, the durability and engineering credentials of this design are not to be taken lightly. Featuring BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) in an option of black and light grey, the watch is practically as robust as a real submarine; almost impossible to scratch and resistant to all manner of environments. Each timepiece comes complete with a stunning custom-made presentation box, including a vacuum-formed yellow submarine shell, gorgeously rendered all-black outer case and stencilled yellow submarine imagery.

‘The Beatles have been one of my favourite bands for literally as long as I can remember and I am thrilled to be working alongside Apple Corps Ltd on this eye popping design,’ muses George Bamford, founder of BWD. ‘The yellow submarine’s colourful presence, evolving style and sense of creativity are not only wonderful traits for us to capture in an individual timepiece, but mirror the essence of our business as a whole as we strive to break boundaries and explore new possibilities within luxury design.’

The Yellow Submarine Datejust is available as part of a limited edition and can be purchased directly and exclusively from Bamford Watch Department whilst stocks last. Price available on request.


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BWD x BEATLES – ‘Yellow Submarine’ – Datejust – Black MGTC

Yellow Submarine

Custom MGTC Rolex Datejust

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