BWD x Rodnik x Colette ‘Snoopy’ – Datejust – Black MGTC


A 41mm Datejust (116300) forms the base of this stunning design. Through BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC), the watch is given an ultra-tough surface which not only ensures longevity and incredible scratch-resistance, but provides a blackened finish that is as distinctive as it is alluring.

The dial features Charles Schulz’s famous character in a costumed pose, whilst customised minute and hour ‘arms’ and Woodstock the Bird’s own second hand make for a delightfully whimsical statement underpinned by serious horological heritage.

Finally, each watch is presented in Snoopy’s famous dog house, this series in matching colette blue colouring to match the colette blue accents on the dial, ensuring that this timepiece is firmly rooted in Peanuts imagery and perfect for any fan of the cherished series.

This exclusive Snoopy watch is strictly limited to 5 pieces and available only at colette, Paris.


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