BWD x The Rodnik Band – Black MGTC ‘Skating Snoopy’


The BWD Skating Snoopy Edition is a stunningly crafted Rolex Datejust featuring a delightful, playful design that is strictly limited to a single run of twelve numbered watches.

Framed on a luxuriant 41mm Rolex Datejust and featuring all of the top-flight craftsmanship one would expect, a specially-made dial featuring Snoopy on skates forms the centrepiece of the design. With custom Snoopy hands allowing for a jovial means of telling the time and a tasteful colour combination of red, white and black, the timepiece has a deeply satisfying aesthetic as well as clarity and sophistication.

The watch itself is finished with BWD’s own Military Grade Titanium Coating (MGTC) which not only provides its stunning black colouration, but ensures that it is entirely scratch proof and capable of remaining unblemished for a lifetime.

It is not only the mesmerising timepiece itself that will delight horologists and collectors the world over but the unique, custom designed watch box in the form of Snoopy’s snow-covered red dog house with white foam interior, underpinning the whimsical nature of the design and providing a sturdy, reliable container in which to house the watch when not in use. As with all BWD timepieces, the Skating Snoopy Edition features a lifetime guarantee.



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