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Utilising Bamford Watch Department’s Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD) blackened coating as well as an beautifully crafted engraved body, the models are a stunning addition to the Bamford heritage.

Artist Wes Lang has etched his signature grim reaper artwork into the hardware of limited edition Rolexes for The Bamford Watch Department, and were unveiled at Dover Street Market in London on November 8th. The duo teamed up on a series of watches that feature Wes Lang’s classic motifs from skulls and roses, to bird studies to sickle wielding reapers. The iconography here mixes biker culture with the romanticism of R&R in some faraway land while restoring the notion of timepieces as keepsakes worthy of daily demonstration. They also remind us of Marcel Duchamp who described his bicycle wheel sculpture not as an object, but as a vehicle for contemplation.

Bamford Watch Department founder George Bamford said,

“this collaboration is a wonderful opportunity to merge the world of art with horology and we are extremely proud of the results, which come following many months of research. These are among the most eye catching models we have ever produced and I would like to take opportunity to thank Wes Lang for allowing us to utilise his fantastic designs.”

The collection is strictly a one off piece and the watches are available exclusively through Dover Street Market. They will remain on display at Dover Street’s world-class boutique in London until mid November 2012, at which point they will become available for sale in beautifully customised wooden boxes. As these are one off pieces, those wishing to purchase one of these magnificent timepieces are advised not to delay.

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