Forbes Magazine - An Interview with George Bamford

Forbes Magazine - An Interview with George Bamford


Publication: Forbes
Date: 9th January 2015
Article: George Bamford Interview On Customizing Rolex Watches, Crazy Cars, And The Importance Of Service
Author: Ariel Adams

George Bamford’s name is now famous for at least two reasons. Not only is his father – Sir Anthony Bamford – the Chairman of the family-run construction company JCB, but George himself is known throughout the world of luxury watches as the founder of Bamford Watch Department – a unique company dedicated to the modification of luxury watches produced by big names such as Rolex. George is what you might call a “luxury rebel.” More interested in fashion and art than his father’s business, George made a name for himself by pooling some of his exclusive resources to the task of doing what some might consider impossible – defying major companies like Rolex, while utterly paying them homage at the same exact time.

On aBlogtoWatch I spoke about Bamford Watch Department modified Rolex watches here, and a lot about the nature of Bamford Watch Department’s (BWD) business. Spending time with George Bamford gave me an appreciation of the man himself and what makes a guy like him tick. Here is someone with a lot of options in life, a taste (and budget) for high-end items, and a dedication to producing cool things. In my opinion, people interested in luxury need to know more about George himself, versus just what he produces, because he offers a view into the world of who begins new luxury companies, what inspires them, and why they do it.

Ariel Adams: Imagine you are sitting down with a new client, but assume they don’t know a lot about watches. How would you explain to them why a Bamford Watch Department product usually begins with a Rolex watch. What is it about Rolex? Why almost exclusively Rolex?

George Bamford: Rolex is one of the most luxurious mass market products in the world, and Bamford Watch Department is the world’s leading luxury watch personalization company, and when I started Bamford Watch Department, personalization seemed a long-forgotten art which was slowly sneaking back into our world and into our lives. We are all striving to find that true luxury item in a mass-market world, and I feel that personalization of mass-market products is one way to find that item. We are all individuals, and I believe that our clothes, our jewellery, and our watches should represent who we are as individuals. I feel as though the concept of luxury has lost its way and that, like the needle in the proverbial haystack, I feel that personalization of mass-market products is one way to find that item, and Rolex is the obvious choice to do this with....

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