Gentleman's Journal - Bamford Grooming Department

Gentleman's Journal - Bamford Grooming Department


Publication: Gentleman's Journal
Date: 18th August 2015
Article: "Bamford Grooming Department: An Insight"
Author: Alex Woodhall

Grooming has all got a bit convoluted these days for us men. Our side of the bathroom has gotten about as complicated as the fairer sex's and the routine just as methodically painstaking. Bamford Grooming Department is aiming to cut through the nonsense; providing today's discerning gentleman with every product he needs as an essential kit for the day-to-day.

George Bamford, of eponymous Bamford Watch Department fame, has brought his Midas touch from the wrist to the skin as part of this collaboration with his mother, Carole. An ethos that places emphasis on quality natural ingredients takes centre stage alongside impeccable cutting-edge design; specialities the duo bring to the table, respectively.

Edition One is peerless in quality and deeply masculine - inside and out. The entire set consists of a reinvigorating shampoo, hydrating hand and body wash, exfoliating face wash, daily moisturiser, shave oil and is supplemented by a candle which carries the collection's signature fragrance. All are elegantly scented with a rare vetiver, agarwood and
oak moss, a handsome blend that is perfectly suited to the modern day gentleman. The outward design is sleek and minimalist; an all-over matte black gives a lasting impression whether on the bathroom shelf at home, or in the hotel. 

Travel and all that goes with it has formed an intrinsic part of the inspiration behind Bamford Grooming Department's debut. Memories of the family's favoured destinations have provided a direction for handpicked scents and ingredients, ingredients such as British blackcurrant oil and South African revival plant. Whilst the packaging has kept the rigours of regular wayfaring and flights in mind also, particularly embodied by the collection's travel kit. 

To celebrate the launch they interviewed six distinguished gentlemen in a series of videos, including musician Marques Toliver and furniture designer and Christie's chairman David Linley:

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