2014 'Watch-Off' Xupes Chooses BWD 'California' Sub

2014 'Watch-Off' Xupes Chooses BWD 'California' Sub


Publication: Xupes Magazine / Watches

Article: 2014 'Watch-Off - Round 1'

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If you ever find yourself working in an office full of watch, jewellery and fashion experts, then no matter how modest and unflashy you once believed yourself to be, you’ll find yourself drawn into a daily style contest which can be as ferocious and unforgiving as 80 minutes on a rugby pitch. When it comes to watches, even the antiques department are talking about “wristgame” and “wrist presence”. Everyone has their favourite and the debate is endless. We decided to ask the public to help us pick a winner.
The idea is simple, twice a week for the next few weeks we will post a new entry to the competition. We will allow the entrant to provide a few snaps and a few lines about why they love the watch. The ranking will be based upon the number of retweets or likes it gets across all of our Social Media platforms within a week from its original posting. Welcome to the Watch-Off! 

Round 1

This week I spoke to one of our watch nerds Ben Revell, Ben runs our Xupes Watches Instagram account so he should know a thing or two about what the public go for. Although if money were no object Ben would likely choose a rare Patek Philippe like the Reference 1527 in Rose Gold, or the Richard Mille 008 that we just got our hands on, at US $5.7m and $900k respectively it might be some time before he has one on his wrist. On a more “realistic” note he assures us that this Rolex is the winner.


The watch

Instead, Ben has decided the next watch to be added to his collection will be a Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 114060, while this will never be considered an emphatic entry into a watch competition, you will notice that rather surprisingly it’s all-black. This is because it’s actually a Bamford watch, this means that it’s one of the limited editions released by the watch world’s equivalent of AMG—the modifying garage for high-performance Mercedes-Benz.

Bamford rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner 114060
This non-date Rolex Sub has been PVD coated (Physical Vapor Deposition), which not only makes it look like some sort of Bat-Sub, but it also means it has a highly durable coating and can now be used guilt free in any sporting or even military environments–admittedly environments that Ben is unlikely to find himself in any time soon!
There are a number of reasons why Ben loves the Bat-Sub. “The ‘blackout’ look is quite popular at the moment, and it is suitable for most occasions—it goes perfectly with a suit and is sporty enough to, well, play sports!” Of the hundreds of watches circulating around the office every month, we have only ever seen a few with such drastic aftermarket customisation. Ben likes the fact that “only a select few who are ‘in the know’ will understand and acknowledge the exclusivity of his watch. Much like with the legendary COMEX-Rolexes during the 70s and 80s, which were only distributed amongst employees and are only recognizable to the trained eye.”

Generally speaking, modifying a watch like a Rolex that has been so exquisitely refined over generations, is a bit of a taboo area. However, style and exclusivity are key players in horology, if a watch can be improved upon and set apart from the rest, then it will be desired. Nowadays there is an increasing number of companies that customise Swiss watches. Although Rolex will not service items that have been modified, companies like Bamford now offer warranty with their watches so it is becoming less of an issue. Furthermore, the process is in fact reversible so the watch can be reverted back to its original state.
In the office the jury is truly out on this choice, from its slightly deprecating comparison to “Pimp my ride” to wanting to join the watch nerd club. We want to hear your comments and opinions to help us settle this debate!